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End of Support WebRatio Platform 6


What is “end-of-support”?

Support for WebRatio Platform 6 has been available since May 2010.

Due to the new releases, and as per our policy, the support for WebRatio Platform 6 will end on June 15, 2014.

At that time, there will be no more updates or technical support for WebRatio Platform 6.

We invite you to learn about the advantages of migrating to the current version, WebRatio Platform 7.


What does this mean to you?

After June 15, 2014, applications that you generated with WebRatio Platform 6 may have compliance issues with recent technologies and standards, such as HTML5 and others.


Why migrate to WebRatio Platform 7? New features

WebRatio Platform 7 has several new features.

IFML compliance

The Web Project Editor has been changed in order to be compliant with the new OMG Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) standard notation in terms of symbols and colors.

Learn more about IFML, and differences from WebML.

Enterprise Project

It is possible to define a new type of project called “Enterprise Project”, as the composition of different Web Projects in order to allow the sharing and reuse of model parts and a better and powerful separation of the work done by different teams.

Cloud Deployment

Subscribe to one or more Cloud Providers including Amazon, CloudBees and CumuLogic, configure the deployment properties of a project, and click on a button to publish the application in the cloud.

HTML 5 and CSS3

Platform 7 allows you to create applications that can be browsed on any desktop browser and mobile device. This is because of the full adoption of the HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

Grid System Layout

The layout of a page is created with a new editor with enhanced drag-n-drop and positioning functionalities. This allows you to build up complex forms and specify the positioning of elements with just few clicks.

XSD Support

You can now reference one or more XSD documents in order to:

  • Automatically generate the ER schema starting from the complex types declared within the XSD resources;
  • Handle import/export XML documents according to the mapping between the entities and the XSD objects;
  • Publish web services in a more easy way using the referenced XSDs. This permits you to handle complex coupling without using an adapter unit.
How to migrate to WebRatio Platform 7

On learn.webratio.com you can find technical guides that could help you in migrating your applications from WebRatio Platform 6.

Contact us using the form or contact your WebRatio sales account.  We will do our best to fulfill your requests.