Getting started

Join WebRatio Community and earn Points immediately. WebRatio will reward you for your participation.
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How it Works

 How does the WebRatio Community work?

WebRatio Community adds a gaming experience to your everyday online activities. You can earn Points and "spend" them on various advantages and gifts. You earn points doing online activities on the Portal, the Forum, the Learn page, and the Add-On area. You can also earn points offline, for example by joining a training course or obtaining a certification.

 How can I join the WebRatio Community?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Register or log into the WebRatio site.
  • Insert the information for your myProfile page.
  • Set your profile as public.

 Can I have more than one account?

Each user can have only one account. In order to earn all possible Points (for example, Points from partner/customer serial insertion), the account has to be a corporate account with your company email address.

 What does Community Digest mean?

Community Digest is a series of informative emails regarding leaderboards, scores and news about WebRatio Community. You can change your settings on how to be informed via eMail.

If you set "Yes" for "Community Digest" in the Edit Information section, you will receive the following eMails:

  • Welcome to the Community: you receive it after setting your profile to Public, thus becoming part of the WebRatio Community.
  • Acquisition of a New Badge: you receive it every time you get a Badge within the Forum, Learn, Certification and Add-On areas.
  • New Gift Available: you receive it every time you earn the points needed to get a gift from WebRatio.
  • Weekly: this email has all the news from the Forum, Learn and Add-On areas.
  • Monthly: indicates the points you've earned in the last month, your points balance, your position in the leaderboards, the best users and available gifts.
  • Leaving the Community: you receive it after setting your profile to Private, which means you are leaving the WebRatio Community.

You can choose, at any time, to not receive the eMails above, by setting "No" for the "Community Digest" in Edit Information section in myAccount.

 What happens if I set my Community profile to private?

If you set your profile to private, you will no longer be visible in leaderboards, your Points will be suspended, you will not gain new Badges and Points and you will not be able to request gifts until you make your profile public again.

 How can I request support?

Write to indicating your username and your question or concern.

We will answer you as soon as possible.


Actions, Points, Leaderboards and Gifts

 How can I earn Points?

The WebRatio Community rewards system is based on Points. The more you participate, the more Points you earn.

Here is the complete list of actions and related Points:





Complete your registration 50
Provide your profile photo 100
Write your bio 30
Provide your Twitter account 50
Provide your LinkedI account 50
Provide your Facebook account 50
Provide your Google+ account 50
Provide your Website 50
Insert your Company or University 200
Subscribe to WebRatio Newsletter 200
Insert your Customer or Partner serial 1,000
Login 5
Automatically receive every month 10
Post a question 20
Someone likes your question 80
Share a question on Facebook 30
Share a question on Twitter 30
Like an answer 20
Someone likes your answer 100
Someone approves your answer 200
Approve an answer 30
Download an add-on 20
Like an add-on 15
Share an add-on on Facebook 30
Share an add-on on Twitter 30
Write a review 50
Publish an add-on 500
Someone downloads your add-on 20
Someone likes your add-on 50
Someone writes a positive review about your add-on 80
Accept the WebRatio Customer Testimonial Program 2,000
Accept to realize a Success Story with WebRatio 2,000
Realize an interview with WebRatio 2,000
Read a Knowledge Base article 30
Get 100% at final quiz of an Online Training video 40
Complete the test at the end of an Online Training video 80
Share a learning object on Facebook 30
Share a learning object on Twitter 30
Attend a webinar 100
Participate in a Classroom Training course 2,000
Get the Certificate of completion of an Online Training video 20
Get the Certificate of completion of Classroom Training course 400
Get the IFML FOUNDATION certification 600
Get the MODELER FOUNDATION certification 800
Get the DESIGNER FOUNDATION certification 1,000
Get the PROGRAMMER FOUNDATION certification 1,000
Get the MODELER EXPERT certification 1,200
Get the DESIGNER EXPERT certification 1,200
Get the PROGRAMMER EXPERT certification 1,200


 How can I use my Points?

The Community rewards you based on the points you earn through your participation. Go to the dedicated page and discover the advantages and gifts you can receive.

 How do I request the gifts?

Please log in, then go to the page “Points & Gifts”.
Choose the gift that you want, based on your earned points, by clicking the “Request” button.
Send an eMail to
  • indicate your shipping address, if you choose a Book;
  • for a WebRatio Platform Training Course, indicate the course chosen from the available courses.

 Are the gifts transferable?

No, the gifts are personal and cannot be transferred to other people.
For instance, if you request as present 1 hour of remote consultancy, it will be given to you and not to others.

 What are the leaderboards?

There are two different leaderboards: “Overall”and “7-day”. The first one lists all users of the community, ranked by total points accumulated from the first day of registration. The second one lists users who have performed actions in the last 7 days.



 What are Badges? How do they work?

Badges are related to the experience you gain. The more you do, the greater reputation you will have and the more Badges you will earn!

Badges are divided into the following 4 possible types, each of which has of 9 levels:


These badges show experience gained through actions in the Forum, such as the approval of a question or answer.



These badges show experience gained through actions in the Add-On area, such as publishing a component or writing a review.



These badges show experience gained through participating in activities in the Learn area, such as taking an Online Training course or reading a Knowledge Base article.



These Badges show the experience you gain with your Certifications. The greater your skills and knowledge of WebRatio Platform, the greater your chance of earning a Badge!


 What is the identifier shown next to my points?

There are four different titles: WebRatio Novice, WebRatio Apprentice, WebRatio Leader, WebRatio Evangelist. They indicate the general level reached by each user based on the total number of accumulated Badges. For example, if a user has obtained level 8 Badge in Learn and level 5 Badge in the Certification area, the total sum is equal to 13 and the user is referred to as WebRatio Apprentice.

Here is the table that lists titles and their level ranges:



0-8 WebRatio Novice
9-17 WebRatio Apprentice
18-26 WebRatio Leader
27-36 WebRatio Evangelist