How to quickly synchronize BPM to Web Project

by Michela Frigerio
1,256 views Published on Oct 24, 2011
Applies to: 6.0 or higher
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This article explains how to create a Web Project BPM based in WebRato 6.

Projects synchronization process

If you want to customize your BPM Project, you have to create a IFML model. In this case you can create a Web Project.

In order to create a Web Project related to your BPM Project you can follow these steps:

  • Open the WebRatio 6.
  • Import the BPM Project -> File -> Import -> BPM Project.
  • Open the WebRatio perpective.
  • Create a Web Project -> File -> New - > Web Project.
  • Add a Database to the Web Project in the Data Model View, in the Outline Window (if you not already done). Edit the Connections properties in the Properties View. For example you can use Apache Derby DBMS in bundle with Tomcat offered by the WebRatio installation package. In this case you can set these Properties in the Properties View related to the Database:
    • Type: Apache Derby
    • URL: jdbc:derby://localhost:50102/MyDBName;create=true (NOTE: With the 'create=true' option the Database will be automatically created. The Database must be before created with the other DBMSs, this is the easy way to have a working database)
    • Username: manager
    • Password: manager
  • Click on the Project Tab and right click on the Project in the Outline Window. Choose the "Synchronize BPM to Web Project..." item from the context menu. Follow the wizard steps. This process will create a hybrid module for each task and gateway, and an entity for each Business Object with attributes that map the property of Business Objects. The modules for the task as gateways are placed in a site view named "Activity view". To customize your tasks is therefore necessary to modify those modules.
  • Perform a "Generate Full Web Project".
  • Startup the Tomcat Server, open your Web Browser and access to your Web Application.

Now you have to check and synchronize your Database with the new Metadata. Follow the instructions displayed in the Home Page. In order to perform this update you can try to follow these steps:

(for example if Id of the Site View is sv2 -> http://localhost:8080/MyApp/

In this way you can access to the administration's side and you can see the Control Panel. you can press the 'Update Database' button in order to perform an update.

Now, if it's all ok, the process metadata are aligned with the process model.