Can I integrate a manually written JSP page in a WebRatio application?

by Alberto Molinaroli
26,728 views Published on Oct 24, 2011
Applies to: All versions
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Yes, it's possible. Here are some guidelines to get it done.

  1. the JSP page must be linked at least from one page in the Web application, otherwise it will not be reachable. This means that you have to add in your page layout a link to get to the JSP page.
  2. you have to pass to the JSP page all the information necessary for its correct computation. These information has to be passed explicitely on the URL of the links pointing to the page.
  3. the JSP page maintains all session parameters without the need to write specific code to manage them.
  4. you have to write the code in the JSP page that allows the user to come back to the generated Web application once reached the page. In order to get the target page computed correctly you have to add on the link all the needed parameters.