Cell Layout
A template establishing the rendition of groups of view components, treated as a unique cohesive element for the purpose of presentation. This template is useful when the desired rendition effect requires interleaving features of different view components or intermixing them inside the same HTML element
Components Project
A project that contains a set of custom components and a set of custom validation rules definitions. It also includes the resources needed at runtime, such as external libraries
Conditional Expression
A predicate that selects the instances of interest for a View Component from the Domain Model object. A conditional expression can be composed of several Conditions.
Content Module Definition
A module definition containing a collection of view components and nested pages (sub-pages and/or alternatives) that can be used as a portion of the Page content.
Context Parameter
A parameter that has the entire project as visibility scope and the user session as its duration.
Create Operation
An operation that creates one or more new instances of a domain object.