Data Binding
A set of properties that represent the connection between the view component and the corresponding elements of the Domain Model. It may include a conditional expression.
Data Flow
An input-output dependency, described by one or more parameter bindings, between a source model element and a target model element.
The property of a view container, or an action served by default to the user when the enclosing area is accessed.
Delete Operation
An operation that deletes one or more instances of a domain object.
Details Component
A view component used to display details of a specific object instance.
Display Attributes
Attributes of a Domain Model object instance that a view component shows to the user.
Domain Model
The Domain Model describes the conceptual data organization of the WebRatio applications. The Domain Model is a model that contains content elements that View Components may access to retrieve information, process it, and show it to the user. The Domain Model also stores information captured from the user. The Domain Model is presumed to be represented in UML and therefore consists of a set of UML model elements, but It is also compatible with the Entity-Relationship model.
Domain Model Project
A project containing the Domain Model of the Web Application that describes the conceptual data organization. An Enterprise Project can contain only one Domain Model Project.