The property of a view container, or an action that is served to the user through a secure connection.
Selection Field
A view component part allowing the user to select one item from a list. Selection Fields are composed by slots. By default, two slots are available for defining the label and value of the list items.
Service View
A container of web services and scheduled operations models made available by the application.
Set Component
A component that can be used as view component or operation. It stores the values of one or more context parameters in the user session.
Simple Derived Attribute
An entity property referring to the value of an attribute of a different entity.
Simple List Component
A simplified version of the List View Component, that only shows a list of instances.
Site View
A self-contained portion of an interaction flow model supporting the use cases of a specific user role or device.
A view component part that can be included in a field, selection field, or multi selection field, for preloading values. A slot can be of type "label" or "output." A label slot shows the corresponding values to the user; an output slot provides the corresponding values as output of the form component.
Sort Attributes
Attributes used by a View Component used for sorting a list of a Domain Model object instances.
Style Project
A project that contains all the layout templates needed to generate the graphical elements of a Web application. The project also includes the resources used in the templates, such as CSS and JavaScript files, and also media resources (images, etc.)