A one-to-one relationship between each element in the Domain Model and its corresponding element in the database.
Master Page
A View container containing only View Components. The content of the container is replicated in all the pages belonging to the enclosing container (site view or area).
An instantiation of a module definition.
Module Definition
A reusable portion of an interaction flow model with associated input and output ports. Ports accept input and output parameters.
Module Definitions
A container of reusable portions of an interaction flow model.
Module Project
A project containing the modules shared among all the Web Model Projects thus, avoiding module duplications inside each project. The Module Project serves as a library that can be reused in different projects.
Multi Selection Field
A view component part allowing the user to select one or more items from a list. Multi Selection Fields are composed by slots. By default, two slots are available for defining the label and value of the list items.
Multiple Form Component
A View Component, used to display a form, which has the same behavior of a Form component, but allows simultaneous management of multiple data instances.