Access Control & Personalization: Logout

IFML Modeling with WebRatio Mobile Platform
203 views Published on Apr 08, 2015 | Time 5 min
Applies to: 8.0 or higher

The "Logout" is the Operation that explicitly terminates the user's session. When the user press the "Logout" button, the user should be redirected to a public Screen (e.g., the "Login" screen). In this lesson you learn how to model the basic "Logout" feature for your application using WebRatio M...


Access Control & Personalization: IFML Model

IFML Modeling with WebRatio Platform
2,842 views Published on Apr 24, 2014 | Time 35 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

Granting access to protected resources is a key aspect of many Web applications. From an interface point of view, you need to define a place for users to insert and validate their credentials. This lesson shows you how to model the user login and logout. You will learn how you can personalize the ...


Access Control & Personalization: Action Definition

Modeling Actions with WebRatio Platform
1,883 views Published on May 02, 2014 | Time 20 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

When you are working on a new Web application there is a set of common requirements that you are going to implement many times. In IFML lessons you learned how to model several commonly recurring requirements focused on the user interaction.  Recurring requirements comprehend  how to publish and ma...

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