Your First Mobile App

Getting Started with WebRatio Platform
6,258 views Published on Jan 08, 2015 | Time 3 min
Applies to: 8.0 or higher

Create your first Hello World Mobile Application with our 3mins tutorial. Follow this beginner guide to find your right way in getting started through the wide offer of options and features.


Your First Web Application

Getting Started with WebRatio Platform
7,565 views Published on Sep 16, 2014 | Time 8 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

Walking through the creation of a very simple application is the most natural way of getting started with a new tool. WebRatio Platform is no exception: with its large offer of options and features, the newbie may not be immediately able to find his/her way through the required steps to accomplish t...


Travel Order BPM Tutorial Read this article and get points!

by Mario Bruno
5,640 views Published on Aug 30, 2012
Applies to: All versions

This article explains step by step how to create the business process model of the "Travel Order" process. You will see a brief explanation about the process proposed and then the procedure to create the process model in WebRatio using the BPM perspective.

MoreRead this article and get points!
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