The best way to get the most out of WebRatio Platform is to attend one of our training courses.
The courses are structured in four areas of expertise:

  • Modeler course: learn how to define the model of an application and to generate it
  • Designer course: learn how to create custom layout styles and to use them for your applications
  • Programmer course: learn how to extend the platform through the creation of new custom components to fulfill any kind of requirement
  • BP Modeler course: learn how to define a business process model, how to generate prototypes, how to to use the process model together with the application model to generate your custom application

Our training courses provides you with a detailed path that allows you to interact with expert teachers and quickly learn all the technical and managerial approach to the development of Model-Driven application.
The courses can be delivered either at our offices or at the customer office.
At the end of each course you can decide to begin our certification process.
The certification allows you to be recognized  by  the community and by the companies as a WebRatio expert in one or more of the four area of expertise.

Contact us to have further information about courses and schedule.