Where can I find the WebRatio Knowledge bases?

02 Sep '11, 10:12 AM
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I'm a newby WebRatio modeler and I need some help! Where can I find tutorial, examples and how to's???

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In WebRatio WebML Wiki you can find a lot of useful articles to learn using WebRatio. If you need some help this is the right place! Ask your question :)

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Nice kb

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You can see "Cheat Sheet Selection" in principal menu "Help".

Too, you will take webinars, and course, or, see video youtube:

I started like you, and I am still learning!

Regards, Jose

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i can not see the WebRatio in the  "Cheat Sheet Selection" in the principal menu "Help", but only:

  • Java Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • Team/CVS

Is possibile to add it somehow,maybe after downloading it, in the way to use the "Select the Cheat Sheet from a file" ,or the third option "Enter the URL for a Cheat Sheet".

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