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06 Jul '17, 03:27 PM
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I'm using the community edition of WebRatio Mobile Platform. I would like to ask about how to consume rest api from the mobile platform. 

From what I see, it should be through an action. Inside such action it should be defined an operation called "restful request response". I have checked the options for response and I saw there are two: JSON and text. 

My questions are next:

1- Is it possible to use "restful request response" for downloading files like images of pdf documents.

2- Or alternatively,  are there mobile units to perform downloads or uploads?

3- By the way, is there constraints or limitations about remote connections (like, doing a login with a backend or consume a rest service from the mobile side) due to the community edition?


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Hi Emanuel,

first of all if you want to manage files (upload and download) you have to define blob as Type on the dedicated "file" Attribute available on your Class and expose the desired options (Read, Create, Update and Delete ). To upload or download files you can refer to the available and default methods of the Data Service (File Services) or you can prepare and invoke your custom Web Service methods.

You have to:

- Create your Class (e.g. myClass) and add the attribute blob (e.g. myFile) to this Class in the Domain Model available for the Data Service Project.

- Expose this Class through the "Data Services" node of the Domain Model available in the Data Service Project (enable for example all available operations Read, Create, Update and Delete)

- Perform the Domain Model Synchronization in order to export the Domain Model structure to the database

- Generate the Data Service project

If you are also creating a mobile app associated to your Data Service, the upload and download actions will be automatically performed by the mobile Synchronizer process. In fact you can use the usual Create, Update and Delete Components and the Synchronizer process will perform the related Web Service invocations and will update the remote and local data.

If you want to manually upload and download files through the Restful Request Response Components you have to manually invoke the specific methods exposed by the Data Service (see the content of the swagger.do page available in the generated Data Service project).

Anyway for more details about how to expose and invoke REST Web Services refer to the logic described in these guides:



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