WebRatio Mobile on Linux using wrong network interface.

09 Mar '17, 03:56 AM
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Hey guys,

I've just downloaded Webratio Mobile platform for my 64bit Debian GNU/Linux. Everything works fine except the emulator is using the first (of many) network interfaces and I can't check my app.

Is there a configuration option or a file that I need to change that setting on? If not is there a workaround to force WebRatio to use either lo or the network interface that is currently active?

Thanks in advance for your help in this issue 

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Hi Dimitrios,

if you want to run the app in the browser emulator, you have to open it in Chrome. For more detail you can refer to the "Mobile App Emulation on a PC" section of this Release Notes https://my.webratio.com/learn/learningobject/webratio-mobile-platform-80-release-notes-v-80.

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