WebRatio freezes at project load (Linux)

16 Mar '16, 01:24 PM
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I run WebRatio (the University Edition) on my ArchLinux machine. On startup, everything worked fine. I created a project and then the app froze... when I start WebRatio now, the project is loaded automatically and it freezes immediately.

The splash screen does not disappear. I can open menus but when I click on anything, nothing happens. I cannot close WebRatio. Sometimes, when I try, everything freezes completely.

The log file in workspace/.medadata prints just the following warning (which also happens on a colleague's machine, where everything works): "Prevented recursive attempt to activate part org.eclipse.ui.views.ProgressView while still in the middle of activating part com.webratio.ide.ui.editors.WebProjectEditor"

When I installed WebRatio, I had OpenJDK 7 installed. I have now switched to Oracle's JDK, but nothing changes. I tried using a different window managers.

I can run any Java application, including Eclipse, without problems.


Any ideas? Thank you for reading :)


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Hi Lukas,

probably the workspace is corrupted. I suggest you to create a new workspace (you can refer to the following Online Training http://www.webratio.com/learn/learningobject/organize-the-workspace-v-72) and if WebRatio is start correctly, you can import the projects from the old workspace.

To import a project, from the File menu -> Import -> expand the "General" folder, choose the "Existing Projects into Workspace" option and press "Next" -> in the "Select root directory" field select the old workspace -> select the projects -> press "Finish".

I remember you that with WebRatio 7, you need to use the 1.7 oracle jdk but not the 1.8 version because it is not support. As it is specify in the "System Requirements" section in the Relese Notes document http://www.webratio.com/learn/learningobject/webratio-72-release-notes-v-72.

Best regards

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