WebRatio Editions changed? (where's standard edition?)

15 May '14, 01:32 PM
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I can't find standard edition now.  And we have our own dedicated server so we don't need a cloud to publish our app.

Will we recieve 7.2.4 update to our standard edition then?


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Hi, the standard edition you have will be automatically updated to the enterprise edition.

When you start WebRatio you should see a dialog asking you to update WebRatio.

Just follow the instructions and your installation will be upgraded to WebRatio Enterprise Platform 7.2.4 which is the edition letting you deploy the application on your dedicated server.

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I think not, now you must buy a license to deploy your applications on your server. 

You no longer have the personal version, and I realize by deploying every minuscule change to their servers really is very uncomfortable, and also the connection is extremely slow. 

I hope to reconsider and return with the personal version. 

Best Regards

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The dialog to update doesn't show. If i click "Check for updates" in Help menu there's also no any update for WebRatio.

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