Webratio 7 on Mac M1

15 Mar '23, 12:17 AM

It is possible, and how, to isntalla webratio 7 in Mac M1 ??

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Hi Josè,

WebRatio 7 is not a native application compatible with the new architecture but it should work if you virtualize it through Rosetta (obtaining less performance). It could be not strictly needed because WebRatio is a java based application. NOTE: Please keep in mind that WebRatio 7 IDE requires java 7 (no new versions such as java 8 and above).

Anyway you should be able to run WebRatio on Mac OS with both architectures (Intel and ARM). For more tips about WebRatio and Mac OS you can refer to the logic reported in this other topic https://www.webratio.com/forum/question-details/macos-1015-catralina-cant-install.

I hope this will help you.

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