¿Visor de imágenes y reproductor de video para la versión 7.2? Image viewer and video player for version 7.2?

15 Oct '15, 08:23 PM
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Hola chicos tengo un problema! Necesito utilizar un visor de imágenes y un reproductor de vídeo pero los que hay en el store no son compatibles con la versión que tengo la 7.2. ¿Podríais decirme si existe alguno que yo no haya visto o si puedo hacerlo de algún modo?


Hi guys I have a problem! I need to use an image viewer and a video player but the ones in the store are not compatible with the version that I have 7.2. Could you tell me if there is one that I have not seen or if I can do it in any way?

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Hi Amanda,

you can try to create your custom components and implement these features. You can refer to samples available on Internet. For example you can refer to javascript\jQuery plugins and include these functions in your projects.

To create a custom component you can refer to this guide:


If you need to learn more about style project and templates:


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