Using own User and Group tables

05 Mar '14, 01:43 PM
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I currently have my own User and Group tables of my own design in my database.  I would like to use them instead of the default tables.  Is that possible?

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yes, this should be possibile.
As you probably know, webratio always needs the user-group-module entities and their relationship, but you are allowed to extend them with your specific fields. Thus, if you want to use your own tables, in my opinion you should follow these stesp:
- check whether your tables completely extend the user-group-module structure, or not; carefully check every attribute, the relationships, and the user_group and groups_module tables (N:N relationships); if something is missing, add it in your database using names at your choice;
- in webratio, remove the mapping from these entities and relationship;
- refresh the database icon, so that webratio is aware of your database tables;
- redefine the mapping, for both entities and relationships: for each entity, attribute and relationship, choose the corresponding name in your database;
- perform a synchronize, and import in the datamodel as new attributes every specific column in your tables not already loaded in webratio; eventually you may even rename these attributes.
At the end, you should have no errors in find model problems, and nothing to synchronize, at least for which concerns the user-group-module area.

Please ask detailed instruction if needed.

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So, I am supposed to remove the user--group--module entities from my WebRatio project.  Then I extend / create the entities already in my database to match the user-group-module.  Do the names have to match?  How does the login and other units know to use the correct entities?

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It is not possible to remove the user-group-structure in WebRatio.  Or is it?

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No, you cannot remove user-group-module entities, and you don't need to do so.

Instead, add your specific attributes (the attribute in your application not already in the WR datamodel) in the User entity.

Then remove the mapping (in the data model, right click on User, then choose Remove Mapping) from these entities. Make sure your database is correctly addressed, checking the properties and verifying that the url is correctly defined. Then right click on the database icon in the Outline view, choose Refresh. Click on User Entity in the Data Model, and in the Mapping tab inside the Property view (the second item starting from top) choose the corresponing schema and table; do the same for each attribute and relationship.

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