Unable to use Visual Debug

24 Sep '15, 07:42 PM
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Hi, I was trying to use Visual Debug in WebRatio Community Edition with a free account according to this tutorial:  


but, since it´s a free account, I can only run my application on the WebRatio Cloud Server. I guess I´m missing something in Debug Configurations - Connection Properties. I use the following configuration:

Host: the public IP shown in my WebRatio Account.

Port: 8080 (just guessing)

Application Name: CRM

Debug Port: empty (not a mandatory field)

"'Launching CRM' has encountered a problem. Failed to connect to Web application."

Please help!

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Hi Josè,

the visual debug is not available in the WebRatio Community Edition.
The WebRatio Clod Server on which your application runs it is not configured to let you visual debug the model. You need a Professional Edition to be able to generate and run locally the project and use the visual debug.

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