Unable to download WebRatio from Student Area

08 May '17, 11:32 AM
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Cannot download Webratio at the Student Area.

I get this message when clicking on download:

<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>484135D53AB49D05</RequestId><HostId>3VAzsWqbGbL58T/Bq2BkimQwdG/BB7miAAf+6+CX4X/g4AT06GrulKXncRYxQce1nVMd8Pdu0zM=</HostId></Error>


What should I do?


Best regards,



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Hey Daniel,

I encountered the same problem.  


Here is the Download URL worked for me.




Kind Regards,

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I have the same problem :(. The download button doesn't work for me.

Daniel, your link doesn't work anymore. I need the Mac OSX Version.

Kind regards,



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i gave the same problem any information about resolving?

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Finally the support was able to help me with this issue. They provided some download links.

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