Style hierarchical unit help!!

12 Jun '12, 12:41 PM
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enter code hereHi, I'm trying to stylize a hierarchical unit and i noticed that the link are "automatically" added to the correct level! Now, I've a link called Add wich is not coupled with any oids(its purpouse is to add a new element to first level) but compiling and running I've found out that the link are not displayed at all!!

I've just do a similar thing with the index unit with a code like this:

def addLink = unit.selectSingleNode("layout:Link[@name='Add']")

%] <wr:frame>

                    <c:forEach var="current" varStatus="status" items="${<wr:UnitId/>.data}">
                        <c:set var="index" value="${status.index}"/>
                        <wr:Visible context="unitLink" position="'index'">
                            <a href='<wr:URL context="primaryLink"/>'>
                                <wr:Iterate var="attr" context="unit" select="layout:Attribute">
                        <wr:Iterate var="l" context="unit" select="layout:Link[position()>1 and @name!='Add']">
                 <a href='<wr:URL context="addLink"/>'>

    In pratcice the idea is to fetch from the layout a link called Add and place it outside the structure! But I can't do this on the hierarchical, the link seems to be hidden or not accessible!

    thanks for your help!

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  • do you get any errors when you generate the project ?
  • where have you declared the "addLink" variable inside the template ? The declaration should be placed next to the other declarations. If the template has no variable declarations, the "addLink" should be defined after the "import" instructions, as it occurs for the other templates.

The Hierarchical Index Unit has a different behaviour, with respect to the other units (such as the Index Unit), because the Link is visible only if it is coupled.

Alternatively, for getting the desired result, you can model the Link. For example, you can by add a No Op Content Unit in the page containing the Hierarchical Index Unit and draw a Link to the operation chain. Then, in the Grid View, expand the left tree and place in the grid only the link.

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