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29 Nov '12, 01:11 AM
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therefore, the site view provide access olso to user completly separated in the application? things that a user can do on a precise 'site view' can not do on other 'site view'?

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the Site View allows the grouping of model elements. The public Site View is accessible by any user. The user can execute all the operations modeled inside it (e.g. display the information, create some elements,...).

You can restrict the access to the Site View to specific users. The users with the same access rights are organized in groups and each group is associated to a specific Site View. The restriction that is defined on a Site View can be re-defined in the contained model elements (e.g. Area, Page,...).

If you wish to group the users and associate them to different operations (e.g. the Admin user can read and write / the Guest user can only read), you can for example:

  • create two Site Views (Site View 1=Administrator; Site View 2=Public)
  • the Site View to which you need to restrict the access (in this case the Administrator Site View) has to be marked as ""Protected"". The other Site View is public, therefore the users can freely access it
  • model the operations in each Site View
  • create the admin users and the group of admin users (e.g. Group 1=Admin)
  • define the access rights for the administrator group (e.g. Group 1=Site View 1).
  • In this way, all the users can access the public Site View. The admininistrators have the permission to access also the administrator Site View.

Alternatively, you can create only a Site View and organize the operations and the restrictions on separate Areas (e.g. Area 1=administration; Area 2=public).

For more details:

  • How to use the protected modules
  • How to manage users and groups

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Dear Laura

How can I "define the access rights for the administrator group (e.g. Group 1=Site View 1)" ??

where to search for "How to use the protected modules"? in Online Training? it gives no results :-(



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