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22 Feb '14, 04:17 PM
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Hi everyone


I'm a student of Informatic Engineering in Pisa, I'm working on a project about BPMN2.0 and I need an advice: I have to make a simulation of the model of the process in bpmn2.0 for the as-is and for the to-be process before make the webapp with WebRatio.

many software don't fit all the BPMN2.0 standards.

  • event-subprocess
  • event-based gateways
  • intermediate boundary event (non interrupting)
  • loops
  • and others

can you advice me some simulation software that correspond in my necessity?


Thank You

best regard!

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To simulate process, you can publish process, this show bussines objects, flow, times, and others. You need model process "as-is" and "to-be".

You see this tutorial 

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