REST connection and Mobile App deploy

22 Jun '15, 09:21 PM
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Hi all I am here again,

tring to test the Mobile App through the emulator on android and ios.

the Back End application has been generated on a cloud server and the REST connection has been inputed as BE base url before the deploing.

the BE base url is    without the name of folder or the page, (a bit different from the webinar as it runs a local Tomcat server and needs the BE folder)

it seems it is not correct as it doesn't work.

after tring to connect with QRcode, the error message says: check your network settings: mobile device and workstation must use the same network.

what can be the reason?

thanks in advance for any help on it





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Hi Fulvio,

this error message check your network settings: mobile device and workstation must use the same network reminds that Device and PC must be connected to the same network.

The reason is that the IP address generated by the app dashboard is a "local" IP and must be reached from the device.

Try to connect to the same network and let me know if it works.

Lucio Bordonaro

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thanks Lucio,

thanks for the reply and please take my compliments for the webinars.

actually both the mobile and the laptop are connected to the same wifi and I tried also to connect from 3G connection from mobile.

to be honest I don't get the point why they have to share the same network if it is supposed to be a mobile app on the internet.

if the BE is published on the base url with its own IP it should be interrogated from any other IP of client. morover the emulator has been filled with the IP indicated.

maybe i dont understand the paradigm properly, thus where i can i check and change the IP in dashboard?

many thanks again to all of you guys


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Hi Fulvio,

the mobile device and the laptop must be connected to same wifi when using WebRatio Mobile Developer App. 

The reason is that WebRatio Mobile Developer App connects to the PhoneGap server hosted on your laptop, and in order to do so, it must use the same network to reach the laptop local ip address.

The Backend URL is another property that refers to the remote location of the Backend application.

Do not confuse with the connection between mobile device and laptop.

If the Backend is published on a public server (like it happens with the WebRatio cloud servers) then it can be used from the app when its built but also when its emulated through WebRatio Mobile Developer App.

If the Backend is published on your laptop then it works only if the connection between the mobile device and the laptop can be established.

I hope now everything is clear.

Best regards,

Lucio Bordonaro

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