Redirecting user to his proper site view upon login

22 Feb '18, 04:36 PM
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Hi everyone

I have a problem with login action in a web project I do:

I have three site views and three different group of users, I want each user (according to its proper group) be redirected to one of those three site views upon login. But I can not point OK flow of Login action definition to a page in another site view.

I have watched ALL tutorials, none of them talks about redirecting the user upon login.

Please help

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This link below might solve your problem!

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Thank you Tanko

Something is still unclear to me:

in your post

forth bullet point :


Use the standard login with the username/password/remember so the correct siteview is opened based on the default group


I still wonder HOW "the correct siteview" is indicated? where? how can I assign a site view to a group or a module? I have to put the site view into a module and I have to assign each user a group in proper module?

Is it right? I am confused...

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If I understood you correctly it is not related to WebRatio platform,

what you want to do is related to database section like PHPMyAdmin which you should correct module ID and module name in Module table and sync them with group and group_module tables.


Let me explain as a example :

You insert a row in Group table like
groupname : 1
module_oid : 1

and you repeat that in Group_module again
group_id : 1
module_oid : 1

now you insert a row in module table like :
oid : 1
moduleid : (siteview id page like sv1)
modulename : (siteview name like siteview or admin or whatever it is)


and at the end in user table you should create new user and assign group_oid : 1 to him/her

and then it is finish, so you can create lots of module with correct redirection with this way.

I hope it works for you
Best wishes

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Hi Habibi,

Thanks for the explanation.

I used forward engineering to generate the database, meaning I didn't create the database using xamp or wamp.

I went into the database and tried to insert these rows but is still not responding.

I am also a student at Sapienza and I would appreciate if we could meet for you to have a look at my project.  Thank you

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Hi Abdulai,

I answered you yesterday but it seems it didn't sent.

I told you yes ofcourse , please email me for setting a meeting


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