Problems with Custom components: Can't get values from output parameters on ok flow.

13 Oct '15, 10:39 AM
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I have a problem with values on output parameters. When I execute my custom component, I put a value with bean.put("result",value) but when I get this value in ok flow is empty. I dont have problems with input parameters, only with output parameters.

I define input and output parameters like:

<InputParameter name="<%=unitId%>.value" label="value" />

<OutputParameter name="<%=unitId%>.result" label="result" />

And the code:

public Object execute(Map operationContext, Map sessionContext) throws RTXException {
        ExtendedOperationUnitBean bean=new ExtendedOperationUnitBean();
        String value=BeanHelper.asString(operationContext.get(getId()+".value"));

        .... code ....

        bean.put("result", true);
        return bean;


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Hi Angel,

Why do you put <%=unitId%> inside the name of the OuputParameter?

Leave the name only with "result" and try again.

The other code seems correct.

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I do <%=unitId%> on OutputParameter because I use the existing sample code generated when the component is created.

Thanks, this works.

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