Problem trying to pass data from several forms to a Query Unit

28 Nov '15, 02:52 PM
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I have several forms which contains a MultiSelection Field and I want to pass the values from the MultiSelectionFields to a QueryUnit.


When I want to pass data from a unique MultiSelection Field to a QueryUnit, passing the data using the binding in the DataFlow is really easy.


My problem is that I want to pass data from several MultiSelection Field in diferents Forms to a QueryUnit at the same time when I execute the Query.

I have tried it using a ParameterCollector but the parameters come empty to the query.


How can i approach this problem?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards.



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Hi Claudio,

I need more info to try help you, it may due to multiple reasons.


Are all these forms inside the grid?


When you send the page, all the form must be in the DOM, otherwise the Multiselection will not be send.


This may be one of the reason, but there may be others.


If you wish we can write in spanish

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finally I got the answer on my own, thank you Francisco for your interesst but I forgot to check the forum again.

The problems were that firstly I didn't activate the ParameterCollector using a NavigationFlow, I used only DataFlows to send the paramaters to the ParameterCollectors, so it didn't get any parameter.

And secondly, I was using VisibilityConditions and I didn´t check the Preserve Form Option.


I hope it could be useful to somebody.



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