More Custom Unit questions: example of Content and Operation Unit?

30 May '13, 01:21 PM
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Can anyone give me some information on Custom Units regarding being both Content and Operation Unit please?

The primary objective of my project is to create a custom unit that is completely encapsulated in what it does. You can create a Link with a coupled parameter, and when the user interacts with it to "Save" then populates the output.template so that it forwards values selected by the user to the next unit in the operation chain. The custom unit is a content unit (has pre-populated controls.

My question is "How do I populate the output.template fields from html input fields before the link is followed?"

The Custom Unit Guide describes the output parameters being populated from within the Service java code. This code seems to be populated when the unit is loaded, so how is the output populated at that time? There is the logic.template but that creates the service run-time xml but doesn't describe how it is to be used

Given that there is only the "Custom Unit Guide" page example and not really any other search results providing examples on how to do this, can anyone who has experience in this please help?

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