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24 Jan '12, 09:13 PM
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I've been having some trouble with an impersonate unit which allows an administrator to view a page as if it were another user (logs in as another user - an 'applicant'). The administrator chooses the user to 'impersonate' from a list of applicants and then the id is used to query the DB (the Selected Applicant selector unit) to find the username and password (applicant's account selector unit) to pass to the login unit called impersonate. This is shown in the following snippet:

alt text

My problem is that the the password field in the DB is encrypted. Since the login unit expects the password to be entered unencrypted by the user, it is encrypting it again, and thus the log-in fails when comparing it to the password in the DB. Is there any way to modify this particular behavior so that it doesn't encrypt the password again? I cannot disable encryption overall because the other login units do need to encrypt the password when typed by a user at the login page. Alternately, can I simply not compare passwords? How can I do this?

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it was solved via email. The solution is to:

  • Remove the Login Unit
  • Set the User-Group-Module Context Parameters by a Reset Unit in order to repeat the action of the Login Unit
  • Add a Selector Unit to the page and a Variable in order to retrieve the default module related to the group of the current user (Group2DefaultModule Relationship) passed by the Reset Unit.
  • Prepare a Custom Template to perform the redirect to the default Module.

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