[MOBILE] Script doesn't work!

21 Aug '15, 07:27 PM
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#input Date birthDate, Date currentDate
#output boolean adult

def startTime = birthDate.getTime()
def endTime = currentDate.getTime()

def diffDays = (endTime.minus(startTime))/86400000

def tempAdult = true

if (diffDays > 6570) {
    tempAdult = true;
} else {
    tempAdult = false;

return ["adult" : tempAdult]

This .groovy script doesn't work and I can't understand why. Maybe I need to import some library?

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I was missing an import:

import org.apache.commons.lang.time


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I think problem is internal i let you know in few weeks after check it properly. Anyway thanks for share it with me here.

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