Mobile Platform - using device specific features

11 Apr '15, 10:49 PM
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Hi .. just starting to look at the mobile platform .. is there any documentation that a new user should look at first? I looked at the example of integrating an app with a device calendar but can't see how to utilise other device functions such as the camera..


Any pointers in terms of getting started would be much appreciated.





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you can integrate the mobile application with the device camera simply modeling a form containing a field of type BLOB. The result is that in the screen you have a field that allows you both to pick up a photo from the photogallery and to take a picture with the camera.

You can also enable your mobile application to receive push notifications.

Detailed information are available here:

Moreove you can enable your backend to send push notification to your mobile applications.
Refer to this video:

There are many features regarding the device integration that are coming with the next releases.

I can tell you that in the next release 8.2 , which will be available at the beginning of May, it will be possible to integrate the mobile application also with the contacts. Moreover there will be the chance to scan and/or generate a barcode/QRCode. At the end of May, in release 8.3, you will also find the maps integration.

In any case, starting from 8.2 release you can also define your own custom components, which means that you can develop the integration with all the device functions you need.

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Thanks for the information

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