Mobile platform Macos Sierra - Workspace launcher freezes

19 Nov '18, 01:20 PM
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I have downloaded the webratio mobile platform onto my mac os sierra but when I launch the application, After the blue splash screen I get the workspace launcher but it doesn't allow me to neither select a workspace or to cancel or accept the workspace by default.

I have tried different jre's but the problem persist.

Is this something known?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Andreas,

this behavior seems depend on the minor java version pointed to run WebRatio. I don't know which version of java you are using but as you know WebRatio 8 Mobile is compatible only with Java 8 (refer to the "System Requirement" of the Release Notes

In this case to correctly run WebRatio 8 Mobile I suggest you to install and point to a less recent version of Oracle Java 8. For example 1.8.0_151.

Anyway this does not force you to uninstall your current version of jdk v 1.8 in fact you can manually set the JAVA_HOME environment variable in the WebRatio ini file.

To specify the installed java path to run WebRatio you have to edit the WebRatio.ini file and insert this instruction before -vmargs row:


where "xyz" corresponds to the minor version (e.g. 151)

Moreover if needed, you can also refer to the answer reported here

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