mandatory control code parameter is missing

14 Mar '12, 04:51 PM
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I have a problem genereting a report using IReport 4.0.1. After i compile de report, and i try to gererate the link to open my report i encounter this error: Invalid Request, the mandatory control code parameter is missing. The link i use to generate my report is: http://localhost:8080/ProjectName/

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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the problem could be related to the protected URLs. If they are enabled, WebRatio generator appends to all the URLs of the application pages with a not null query string a checksum postfix (for example: &CRC=988602091), which prevents malicious users from issuing HTTP requests with invented parameter values. If the URL of a request wrongly does not end with the CRC code, the "Invalid Request" message error will appear, informing the user that the control code parameter is missing.

In your case:

  • did you enable the protected URL ? You can check it in the Properties Panel of the Project -> Security tab -> "Protect URL" property and "Digest Type" property.

alt text

  • if the protect URL is enabled, you could try to fully generate your Web Project and check if the URLs end with the CRC code.

About the report compilation problem:

  • did you get any errors when you compile the report with iReport ? What is the error message ?
  • what do you mean by saying that the generated file can not be opened ?

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Have you checked if in the /descr folder of your web application you have the .jasper files related to the Report you want to create?

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I have the same problem. The iReport version that I use is still 4.0.1. After compiling a corrupted file is generated that can not be opened.

The link I use to generate my report is: http://localhost:8080/ProjectName/

I mention that the .jasper files related to the report I want to create are located in the /descr folder.

I hope you will have a suggestion for me. Thank you.

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