Inserire immagine in pagina

12 Feb '14, 02:32 PM
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Qualcuno sà qual'è il modo più semplice per inserire nel corpo diuna pagina una piccola immagine?

Sono alle prime armi...


grazie in anticipo.



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If you deal with something like a logo, or a backgroung image (i.e., a static image, not depending on a previous choice):

- click on the page to select it;

- click on Properties, Layout tab;

- click on Show/Edit button of Page Layout property;

- edit the search the point in the pseudo-HTML code in which you want to show the image and add the img tag, like this:

<img src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face" height="48" width="48">

Take care not to break the structure of the Page Layout Template, take care to address correctly the image url, and it will work.


You may then make more flexible this approach by defining a new parameter in the template, so next time (on a different page, for example in which you may want to add a "small-logo" instead of  a"big-logo") you will reuse exacly the same template, jusk clicking on the blue/green bullet "Layout Parameters". Lots of examples about how to do it are in several default templates.

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You can, put the image in images of your style directory and use a message unit, set <img src="Style/image/yourimag.png"/>


Change Style for name of your style and yourimg for your image.


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È possibile aggiungere una Message unit e modificare a html nel Layout, e aggiungere il seguente codice 

<img src="Style/image/img.png"/> 

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