How to redirect to the correct site view after a successful login attempt

09 Dec '14, 09:37 AM
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I've just modelled an application to manage students and courses and it also has a login page defined as home. The pages for adding students and courses are protected and I've also enabled the Webratio admin area. I also need to mention that am using the default user-group-module as generated by Webratio. I have also created 2 users and several groups, but I don't yet know how to define modules (I assume if the admin area is enabled, these will be registered for me automatically). My question/challenge is this: When I generate the application, and I try to login with one of the users already in the database, the application resets the form and does not redirect me to the protected areas. And if I explicitly put a OK flow from the login action to the protected page(s), the application offers me yet another login form (which even if I fill with the registered username and password), also gets reset and never redirects me to the protected pages. What am I doing wrong?




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Hi Aestimo,

You can review these articles to know about the access control in WebRatio


Best regards.

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The login unit redirect to the site view that indicate in the table group_module, Look if you has in this table this reference

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