How to keep current page/block of List/Hierarchy (Index) components after ajax link clickwith selective refresh?

21 Mar '14, 10:43 AM
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I have a paginated Hierarchy component (could be also any of the Lists) with the list of users with ajax and links on each row wich add/remove users to some groups with special privileges. Everything works good but for example if I'm on 5th page of a component then any click on that links works as expected but resets the component to the 1st page/block. Is there a way to keep in on the current page? (5th for example). I understand that in theory the content is dynamic and can be changed and 5th page might not exists anymore but anyway, i want to keep user staying on the same page of component.

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So in the component template in jsp/java i can get an object of type ' com.webratio.rtx.core.MasterPageAwareLinkInfo' . Hou could i add some parameter then to this link before it's layout being executed in java or jsp? It would be just adding 'unitId.block=<page_num>'.

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