How to get a wr:AjaxURL tag working

22 Aug '13, 10:21 PM
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This is the continuation of my ongoing question (Dynamic Link Labelling)[].

I moved it to this thread because it's now specifically about getting a AjaxURL tag in a Custom Unit style sheet to work (and no about getting the Label to display correcty as per the past post). Hope this helps people.

The compilation error is about the <wr:AjaxURL> tag, where the "context" attribute is the variable used to locate the link.

My IFML looks like: image?Snippet showing 'Like' example of Custom Unit

As per the last entry on the previous forum item:

  • the "link" variable is correctly referring the link outgoing from the unit.
  • As per the image below, the operation chain is being followed correctly. I have two examples of my Custom Control trilogy (the actuate, the save and the display) on the one popup, and both do what they should and receive the correct input parameters in each case.
  • I get a compilation error on the "onclick" code as suggested (see code below), but if I exclude it the pages work as they should except instead of re-freshing only the Ajax popup, the browser does a full GET or POST and the popup page now fills the entire browser pane.

When the "onclick" and AjaxURL is not included it operates like: image?WebRatio working without Ajax refresh

(here's the full style unit code)[]

So the question is now, why do I get a compilation error (in the style sheet of the custom unit)?

So reiterating, if I have the following code in the link:

 onclick="<wr:AjaxURL context="link" type="button"/>"

I get this compilation error:

com.webratio.commons.transform.EvaluateException: Undefined Link Context: Unable to find the link in the specified context [context = link/.].
[occurred at line 11 in AjaxURL.template]

using the link defined as you suggest

                <input title="<c:out value="${<wr:UnitId/>.signInputLabel}"/>" onclick="<wr:AjaxURL context="link" type="button"/>" type="submit" id="button:<wr:Id context="link"/>" name="button:<wr:Id context="link"/>" value="<c:out value="${<wr:UnitId/>.signName}"/>"/>

As asked, the code of the link is only inserted in the custom template. There is only the single custom template. The behaviour described about is that where there is no <wr:AjaxURL> tag or onclick tag in the button tag. As mentioned, when I put that suggested "onclick" code in the input button tag it doesn't compile.

I did read the API description of the <wr:AjaxURL> tag and it did mention I needed it wrapped in an iterator tag? I did try hacking an iterator around the single link var but didn't have any luck.

Finally, in previous help it was suggested to create a link that was hidden. I think that this could be the problem and I have not set this up correctly. When I try to include the "hide" definition for the link I'm not getting the same IDE options presented. This weekend I will install the latest WebRatio and try building a Custom Unit and single page website from new. I'll post if I have success, or any variation in defining the link and hiding it as previously sugggested.


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I applied your style unit code to a sample custom Form Based unit and I obtained only a generation error related to the "unitLink" property not found. This property is used in the wr:AjaxURL tag (line 196), but it's not defined. By adding the variable definition (in the starting part of the template), such as for example

 def unitLink = unit.selectSingleNode("layout:Link[@name='Link1']");
 // where "Link1" is the link outgoing from my custom unit

the isn't the generation error. Then, by removing the <c:if> tags, I can see the form with the buttons in the page.

You should try to add the declaration of the "unitLink" variable.

In case the problem persists, to replicate and better understand the problem, it should be useful to have a small sample project that reproduces the error. You can for example create a new project (e.g based on Acme) and then copy-paste the pages from your project to the sample one.

Did you have any change by building a Custom Unit and single page website from new (with the latest version of WebRatio), as you said ?

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Hi, Well ... I have it working! :D Mostly!

So, in my code snippet there were two link declarations:

 def link = unit.selectSingleNode("layout:Link");
 def unitLink = unit.selectSingleNode("layout:Link[@name='Link1']");

In relation to your comments:

  • There were two link declarations, link and unitLink. Remember, this is a generic implementation so the template can not be coded to a specific link. Either way, both link declarations work in the cut down version. (btw - in WebRatio 7.2 it's 'Flow1' and not 'Link1').
  • I upgraded from version 7.0.5 to 7.2
  • The cut-down test case is firing from a standard page, not a Ajax popup page.

The results look like:

Snippet showing 'Like' example of Custom Unit

So there is still a problem to get past ... why is the first instantiation of the button not being overwritten. Every subsequent click refreshes the custom control button over the top of the old one (as is desired)?

I'll also re-implement my solution now in version 7.2 and see if the navigation link still works when it is on a popup page and not on just a normal page.

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