¿How to directly insert an image in an RTF FIller file?

06 Aug '15, 01:37 AM
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I'm trying to insert a QR Code image into a word file generated by RTF Filler. So far I've been able only to paste the text corresponding to the QR Image. This text is the path of the image in the data base. This is the tag I use to insert text normally $$MyBlobVariable$$, is there some way to paste the desired image in the RTF Filler to generate the file?

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the current version of the RTF Filler component available on the Add-Ons Store supports a subset of the available XHTML tags.

The subset of the available XHTML tags that can be used to fill the RTF template is reported below:
Paragraph <p>
Ordered list <ol>
Unordered list <ul>
List item <li>
Table <table>
Row <tr>
Default cell <td>
Header cell <th>
Bold <b>
Strong <strong>
Italic <i>
Emphasize <em>
Underline <u>
Strike <strike>
Subscript <sub>
Superscript <sup>

If you want to obtain your result you can try to extend the component and implement this feature.
For more detail about the structure of a RTF document you can refer to the Rich Text Format (RTF) Specifications available in Internet.

Moreover you can refer to these guides:



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