How can I invoke a Rest Web Service having dynamic parameters?

07 Nov '17, 11:12 AM
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Hi all,

I'm trying to invoke a Rest Web Service in my Web Project .
This web service has different query string parameters that must be present in the endpoint URL only when necessary.
This is an example of a complete endpoint:{object}?code=a&firstname=b&lastname=c

If {object} is "product" then I need to add the "code" parameter only.
For example:

If {object} is "employee" then I need to add the "firstname" and the "lastname" parameters.

I used the Restful Request Response operation for this purpose, but I'm not able to manage the query string parameters as desired.
How can I accomplish this?

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Hi Laura,

the Restful Request Response operation does not allow to add and remove query string parameters at runtime.
In fact, if you declare all query string parameters, they will be always present in the URL, at least with an empty value.
So, what you need to do is to use a Script Component to compose the endpoint as desired and then pass it to the Restful Request Response operation.
You can find further information about how to use the Script Component reading this document:

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