How can I add a credit card payment gateway or integrate paypal in my web app logic?

17 Oct '11, 10:30 AM
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Hi all!

How can I add a credit card payment gateway or integrate paypal in my web app logic? I don't see any related doc in wiki or forum.


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if you want to add these features to your project you have to create specific Custom Units. At this time these units are not available but if you can wait, these will probably be added to our WebRatio Store.

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I've never used PayPal APIs, but I suppose APIs provided by a leader company like PayPal must work fine.

You may also check other payment services like Google Checkout for example. If you will use this way I subjest you to search the less expensive according you business

On credit card side (if you want to bypass Payment Gateways) I know that usually you must subscribe a bank related service (usually related your bank account) that manage all cradit card.

In this case interaction methods will be defined by bank and may change. I suppose that all banks provide SOAP WebServices because is a standard way to intaract.

Usually (in both cases) if you accept standard form for insert credit card data, instead use WebServices, you can add some html code provided by Payment Gateways or Banks that allow your site to accept payments.

In this case the only thing you have to do is create a style template containing html provided by Payment Gateways or Banks.

This article, for example, explains how to that on PayPal: How to Put an Order Form or Buy Now Button on Your Website Using PayPal

If you want to go deepen you can try to look here for more informations

Finally I subjest you to never save credit cards data otherwise you will have very hard security matters.

Feel free to ask for further doubts.

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Hi Ricardo1980,

You don't need Custom Units because PayPal provides Soap API. This means that you can integrate paypal whit standart request response units.

If you need PayPal API documentation look this link: PayPal SOAP API Overview

I hope this helps you

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Thanks a lot, I didn't know about PayPal SOAP API. Did you use it successfully?

On the other hand, what about credit cards? I guess each one has its own system, maybe with SOAP or maybe I have to create a custom unit, isn't it?


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I'm happy and proud to announce that the PayPal unit is available in the WebRatio Store! You can find more information on our Web Site or you can download it directly from WebRatio!


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