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28 Sep '11, 03:28 PM
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Hello, I'm Sarah, I have to make this project but i'm not very practic with Web Ratio, can i have an help??

Description of the context: some stores for the sale of electronic products want to start a web-based sales channel. From the first contact with the leaders of the company are the following requirements: 1) The system must allow the widest dissemination of information on available products traded and take orders via the web (you can think of rows of individual products, but would be preferable to provide the user the ability to place multiple products in a single order). 2) The system must provide a Q&A (Questions & Answers) and collection of comments on quality of the commercial channel. It would be desirable to provide the service mode forum. in any If you need the figure of a moderator who can take action in response to questions and / or Comments removing poorly adapted to a public context. 3) For each product offered in the catalog, the system must issue a card with information commercial (compiled by the staff of trade) and a technical (supplied by the manufacturer). It would be desirable to provide also a card showing comments (in synthetic form is to be extended) the feedback reported by customers who have actually purchased the product.

We could start using web ratio examples like Acme and Book Store.

Thanks a lot Sarah

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I think that the problem is to know how to start using WebRatio. If you are new to WebRatio I strongly suggest you to go through the tutorial you have in the tool. You can reach them going to Help -> WebModeling Tutorials. I think that the first three tutorials can be enough to get an idea on how WebRatio works.

In order to accomplish your task you have to

  1. draw the Data Model of your project (you can start just with few entities). To know how to draw the Data Model refer to the official WIKI where you can find many information about this topic (e.g. E-R Schema)
  2. decide which will be the users of your Web applications and decide how many site views you want to manage. A site view is a WebML diagram container and what you draw inside it can be addressed to specific groups of users. Refer to How to use the protected modules for further information.
  3. make a list of the features requested and start the development one by one. In this way you can concentrate on a single requirement and test it inside the Web application. To learn which units you should use to model each feature you can always refer to the official WIKI.

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I'm in the same boat as Sarah. I have a project that I need to do, and I've done the tutorials but they only cover a sub-set of the features I need. If anyone can provide help examples for a insert, update, delete for a tree (using self referenced table eg: primary key id, with foreign key parentId linked back to same table id) and also where there is a list associated to that tree table in a one-to-many relationship (tree table records being the master).

Also I would like a prototype of a frame which can dynamically populate itself, either with a list populated from a database table (specifically the detail table linked to the "Tree" master table) or also create radio buttons instead of list records.

These examples seems to be quite advanced compared to the tutorials. If anyone has done this before or is interested in assisting I'd be very appreciative. Similarly if these tasks can't be done in WebRatio or if they need to be hand written in Java and anyone can confirm this that would also help me.

Thanks in advance Aiden

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