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08 Nov '12, 12:41 AM
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Hi, can someone tell me how/where in the HelloWorld.unit.temp file (of the HellowWorld Unit sample tutorial) I put the code:

<c:out value="${&lt;wr:UnitId/&gt;.message}" &gt;="" <="" p="">

It is the step "Create the Unit template" and the tutorial says:

Now you can edit the HelloWorld.unit.template file. The important thing is to write the unit message using the "message" property.

< c:out value="${<wr:unitid/>.message}"/>

But I get an error:

An error occurred

/page1.jsp(76,0) The function message must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is not specified

If I don't add the line of code the tutorial says to put in the template, the page renders correctly (though without the unit obviously). Please Help

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I solved it. It wasn't the code in the HelloWorld.unit.template file at all.

The HellowWorldUnitService.java file's execute() method needed to just return the HellowWorldUnitBean object, not the string from the getMessage() property.

eg, this:

    return hwub;

not this:

    return hwub.getMessage();

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