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03 Dec '12, 04:22 PM
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Hello there!

Page 28 of the Webratio WebML User Guide says the following about links:

The target and the source denote the content of the parameter, which is either an attribute or a field of the source unit of the link

How can I change that? I don't see any way of changing this in my version. It is 6.1.3.

Thanks for helpping!

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you can visualize the link on the attributes by setting the "Links Position" Layout Parameter of the Index Unit equal to "on_row". Select the Index Unit in the Grid and in the Properties Panel open the Unit Layout parameters dialog. Set "Links Position" = "on_row".

alt text alt text

If the Index Unit shows more than one attribute (in your case: "name" and "city") and you wish to display the link on one attribute only (e.g. "city"), you need to customize the template of the Index Unit. You have to add a condition for printing the link only if the attribute name is the desired one. For example:

<wr:Iterate var="attr" context="unit" select="layout:Attribute">
[% if ((linkPosition == "on_row") && (!links.empty)) {%]
  [% if (attr["name"]=="city") { %]  // added condition
    <wr:Visible context="unitLink" position="'index'">
      <a href="<wr:URL context="unitLink"/>" class="<wr:StyleClass context="unitLink"/>
      link ........>
  [% } %]

The customized template has to be applied to the Index Unit.

This an example of the final result page:

alt text

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the Source and the Target refer to the units connected by the Link. During the modeling, when you draw a Link you define the source unit and the target unit.

You can edit the Link Parameters in the Parameters Coupling dialog. To open the dialog double-click on the Link, or select the Link and click on the button next to the ""Coupling"" item in the Properties Panel. In this dialog you can couple the parameters of the source unit with the ones of the target unit. To set a coupling, select a parameter of the source unit from the drop-down, or write a constant value for the corresponding target parameter.

The source and the target parameters depends on the units (source parameters = output parameters of the source unit; target parameters = input parameters of the target unit). For example, the output parameters of a Data Unit are all the Attributes of the selected Entity, while the input parameters of a Data Unit consists of all the Conditions defined on the Unit.

You can see the details of a Link Parameter in Properties Panel: expand the Link in the Outline View -> select the Link Parameter.

For more details / examples:

  • Links and coupling

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Thanks for the answer Laure.

Now I understand the links in a better way but I think I didn't descrive my problem well.

When I use a link from a Index Unit to another page I'd like to have the link from the attribute and not from a new link. I'll try to explain it with an example.

I have a Index Unit which displays Name and City. Then I add a Link from the Index to a new page where there's another Index Unit with information of all citizien in the City.

The problem there is that I have a new link for each row and I'd like to click on the City name to go to the new page, not in this new link.

Can I change the 'source'?

I missunderstood what the guide said and that's why my first question was ambigous I think.

Thanks for the efforts!

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