en_US codify problem

30 May '14, 02:13 PM
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Hi all,

when I set for example a placeholder or a default message, the message is between "???en_US(my message)??? ".

How can I fix this problem?

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Thanks to everybody!

I resolve the problem adding a custom (key - message) in the localize section and using key into placeholder or default message forms.

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Hi Silvio,

your problem comes from a missing localisation. It means that your message is being printed with a <bean:message/> tag by your template and you didn't define an english translation for it.

If you want to localize your application, just define the translations for your messages in the localization panel (by clicking on the "two flags" icon of the menu on the top of the platform).

If you don't want your messages to be localized, be sure that the component which prints it doesn't have the "Localized" flag set to true (it's in the properties panel of the component) and, if this isn't enough, check how your template prints it in the jsp.

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Hi Roberto,

thanks for your reply. The problem is shown only in the case I specify some message inside a component, for example the message when a list is empty. In all the other case codify is correct (I don't localize my message).


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Then open your template and search for the place where the "empty unit message" is printed. Probably you'll find out that a <bean:message/> is used instead of a <c:out/>.

In this case you have two options: localize the "empty unit message" from the localization panel, or change the bean message tag with a c:out one in the template.

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Normally the template of the message unit has a option Localized, you must put a false this option.



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