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15 Jun '12, 02:22 PM
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My data model looks something like this. A user registers and his/her relevant info will go into the specialized table in database. The webMl model works fine for entering data in user table but has not been entering in the child table. I should mention userId of user is a FK and PK in jobseeker

In the first entry form in page "Register as Job Seeker" ,entered information is created without any error. The registration information unit in "Registration Successful" page transports the same user id to 2nd information collection form. Its a hidden field and new data instance is not created.

Could it also be the date format causing trouble. I changed the format in database to meet the one entered by the form,but no success.

A few other questions that I have:

1)How is text added? If I simply want to add static information, which unit does the job.

2) How can I include drop down navigation links to the website. I tried the presentation tutorial. It didnt work out well for me,and the project didn't run at all.

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Usually when I use ISA relationships, I use the Create unit directly on the child entity, so it also adds data to the main entity.

In your case, that would mean creating just one form to add information directly to the JobSeeker entity (instead of first creating the User, then the JobSeeker).

If you really want to use two forms, then use the same forms but change Create User unit with Create JobSeeker (so the form does add both user and jobseeker, but only populates the user table, and the jobseeker would just have the oid of the user in the database, the other cells being NULL), and the Create JobSeeker unit with Modify JobSeeker (so you modify the empty cells from the jobseeker with the values from the second form).


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