Enable "Local DB" in Query properties

30 May '20, 02:28 PM
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in my web project I would like to use a query on a volatile table (in memory database in the domain model) but on the properties of the query it is not possible to check the "Local DB" box.
How can I do?
Thank you.

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this Property is disabled because is not more required in fact it is available to ensure retro-compatibility with old versions.

For more details about Query component please refer to the related guide https://my.webratio.com/learn/learningobject/getting-started-with-the-query-unit.

If you want to perform queries (on Volatile or Persistent Entities) please don't forget to consider any other component that give you access to defined Entities. In fact Query component is not the only one to perform queries. For example to retrieve and show data in a page you can choose a Details or a List, if you need to retrieve data in operation chain you can use Selectors and if you want to read and write data you should use Create, Update or Delete components and so on.

Please refer to the official Learn section available here https://my.webratio.com/learn.

I hope this will help you.


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