Dynamic attribute/field names. Possible?

28 Sep '11, 02:44 PM
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Hi, i want to make the same field and/or attribute to change it's label dynamically depending on the data i have. For example if you have the same page for different instances of entities which have similiar attributes and same type of entity/table and you just want to change attribute name depending on entity type. The attributes must be the same not the different ones switching visibility conditions.

Ideally, i want to be able to pass field/attributes names by links. (using page variables, slots or whatever that could work)

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I'm not sure I understood correctly your need. In any case it's not possible to pass labels through links, since they are thought to pass information about the managed data. To answer to your question I made two hypothesis:

  • If you have one entity (e.g Activity) and you want to change labels depending on the Activity Type (which should be an attribute of the Activity Entity), then you can write a specific Unit template that manages the behaviour you want.

  • If you have different entities and you want to manage them in the same page:

  • when you are showing information you must use different units and so each unit will have the correct labels

  • when you are managing the information with a Entry Unit you can model the union of the fields and drive the visibility trhough visibility conditions. If the same field should have a different labels, then the solution is the same reported above (to write a Unit template)

If what I wrote does not meet your requirement, please explain your need with an example so that I can help you better.

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Hi Denis,

if you insert in grid 3 time sizeBuilt field you can change label for each occurrence. Using visibility condition you can choose witch occurrence show.


Create Page and Unit

alt text

Add field build size

alt text

Insert it 3 times in grid

alt text

Add a label for each occurence

alt text alt text

alt text

Finally add for each a visibility condition

I hope this helps you

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Ok, your 1st and 4th answers are correct. It's possible to write different template for each type and show different field using visibility conditions. But what about, for example index unit or data unit which is inside some content module which i use for different types of entity. Well, the real life example: for example i have RealEstate entity which can be a house or terrain. I need to show labels "Living Size"(or smth. like that) for house and "Constructable size" (for terrain) and,for example, labels "Total size" for house and "Terrain size" for terrain but in data model they must be the same fields (sizeBuilt and sizeFunctional).

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