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28 Jun '13, 01:04 AM
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Hi, I have a database table that has a field in it containing a URL. Is there any way to display a query result (sub-set of URLs) and show a list with a panel displaying a type of "preview" of the linked page, or as an image (similar to Facebook when you link to another page in news feed)?

The list of "preview" panels should also be able to display another field from the same table with a text description of the linked page. Cheers

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regarding your questions:

1) The <td class="<wr:StyleClass/> value...."> refers the code already available in the default template of the unit. Here, in the part of the code that manages the attributes, you have to add the code that prints the image. For example, this is the complete code:

<wr:Iterate var="attr" context="unit" select="layout:Attribute"> // at line 155
  <wr:Visible position="'index'">
   [% if (showAttributeName == "true") {%]
   [% } %]
   [% if ((linkPosition == "on_row") && (!links.empty)) {%]
   [% } else {%]  // with the default Layout Parameters, the "else" part is executed
    <!-- not linked attribute -->
    <td class="<wr:StyleClass/> value<c:if test="${<wr:UnitId/>.currentIndex eq index}">Current</c:if>[% if (useAlternate == "true") { %]<c:if test="${index mod 2 eq 0}">Alternate</c:if>[% } %] [%=attr["type"]%]">  // the code part of your question                
        <wr:Value/>  // prints the link as a text
   [% } %]

2) Can you write the part of the customized code that returns the error ? The "context" attribute should not be required.

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to show a list of data in the page (in your case of URLs) you can use an Index Unit. To filter the list you can add a condition (e.g. right click on the Index Unit > Add > Attribute Condition).

For displaying a link as an image you can for example customize the template of the unit and add the code that prints the image. For example, in case of the Index Unit:

<wr:Iterate var="attr" context="unit" select="layout:Attribute">
<td class="<wr:StyleClass/> value....">
 <a target="_blank" class=" " href="<c:out value="${current.url}"/>">
   <img src="<path>" title="<c:out value="${current.url}"/>"/>
 </a> // prints the link as an image
 <wr:Value/> // prints the link as a text

where "url" is the attribute with the URL and "<path>" is the path of the image relative to the Style Project (e.g. Images/link.png). If you wish to display a different image for each link: Images/${current.name}.png, where "current.name" refers the "name" field in the database containing the name of the image, such as Facebook.

This is a sample result page:

alt text

To display a panel with a text description you can for example model a tooltip on the link. In this case, you can refer this tutorial: Help > Web Modeling Tutorials > The AJAX Tooltip

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Hi Laura!

This question pertains to the Sensor Custom Unit that I described in this thread

Just recapping the important bit:

My research project is to create a generic design pattern to easily define and include Stigmergy into web pages. Ideally the implementation will be completely encapsulated in Custom Units. There are two types of Custom Units and they display one of two variations when they instantiate themselves:

- Actuator Custom Unit (instantiates as Marker Based or Sematectonic) creates the "trail" and
- Sensor Custom Unit (instantiates as Quantitative or Qualitative) displays the trail.

This question is only about the Sensor Custom Unit. It's a standard design Custom Unit with a service java class and a bean java class. It creates a record in the Contribution database table is two ways; one for Marker Based, one for Sematectonic.

NOTE : The Sensor can provide Quantitative output (number of "Likes" or "Seen By" or Qualitative output (similar to Facebook "Share" where it displays some linked content ... or Amazon "People who bought this also bought ...". Getting the Qualitative output is the issue I'm trying to solve for the Sensor Unit.

The Quantitative instantiation is working where a single text value is provided (E.g., "SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE ..." provides the number of "Likes"). This is easily displayed using:

<c:if test="${<wr:UnitId/>.isQuantitative}"> <tr class="row"> <td valign="middle" nowrap="nowrap" class=" value"> <c:out value="${<wr:UnitId/>.contributionOutput}"/> </td> </tr> </c:if>

If the instantiation is Qualitative, then the style unit it can offer one or more Urls (or text descriptions) where the java bean returns a map with an Oid/URL Map. So the WR:Iterator you describe really needs to be replaced with something like:

<c:if test="${!<wr:UnitId/>.isQuantitative}"> <th valign="middle" class=" header"> <c:out value="${<wr:UnitId/>.signOutputLabel}"/> </th> <c:forEach var="contribution" items="${<wr:UnitId/>.contributions}"> <td class="<wr:StyleClass/> value...."> <a target="_blank" class=" " href="<c:out value="${contribution.value}"/>"> <img src="<path>" title="<c:out value="${contribution.value}"/>"/> </a> // prints the link as an image <wr:Value/> // prints the link as a text </td> </c:forEach> </c:if>

The Problem:

I haven't gotten this code working yet, but if you could suggest whether my "c:ForEach" will work at run-time the same as your suggested "wr:Iterate". From our previous discussion I thought that the "wr" tags resolved to groovy script equivalents and we established that these are processed at page generation time (not run-time)? In that case I anticipate that your suggested solution would not work for my example.

Secondly, I was hoping to get some kind of preview (like Facebook does for "Share" content as thumbnails) and wonder if there is a feature to do that?

Either way, getting the Custom Unit's Style Unit to be able to iterate through the Map as returned by the java bean (for the Custom Unit) is my primary goal. I'll work this weekend to try and get it compiled and returning a list this weekend, but if my approach is incorrect I'd love to hear that before I "lose" my weekend. ;p

Again, all help gratefully appreciated thank you!

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Quick update :

I did get the code working using the Map iteration rather than the w:iterator. It needs a bit of formatting but each of the little ants are links off to the correct URL.

I suspect that to create the "preview" I will need to do it in Java in the Service, and open a stream to the URL into a graphics buffer and then render it out from memory into a jpg ... This therefore is outside the Web Ratio forum.

Alt text

So top points for your help, though 2 more questions:

Question 1: In your code <td class="<wr:StyleClass/> value...."> what do you put for the "value...."?

Question 2: I get a compile error for your line <wr:Value/>. The error states that a context is mandatory?

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I see the issue now with the complete code listing (and this solves both question 1 and 2).

Regarding Question 1

Your example is still based on the Index Unit being modified, hence you have all the values available to you. E.g., showAttributeName, linkPosition, etc.

My Custom Unit returns a custom bean for the unit and is very rigid in what it returns and is written from a blank start. Now that I see the full code I see that the layout is different to what I will use because you provide the groovy conditional evaluation of how to display the layout.

Regarding Question 2

Your expanded example shows the <wr:Visible position='index'> tag which opens the tag. NOTE: the tag generating the context error being the closing of that tag. E.g., <wr:Visible/>

Thanks again for your help on this!

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