Derivation in a Entity

30 Jul '15, 07:44 PM
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I need help, someone knows how to make an attribute is the concatenation of two added above, for example in an entity have the attributes "Name" and "LastName" I want to create a new attribute that contains the "FullName" separated by a space.



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You can use a simple calculated derivation. And add a constant with " " to concat space between attributes


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La constante era ' ' comilla simple, con el espacio entre ellas.


Una pregunta Pablo ? . Al momento de sincronizar porque estos elementos no constan y cual es el procedimiento para utilizarlas.

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the simple calculated derivation is a particular derivation type that does not need to create a phisycal element on the database. The generated Web application is able to calculate the value of the attribute on the fly, without having a physical column or table on the database representing such information.

So there's no need to syncrhonize this element. That's why WebRatio does not show it in the Syncrhonization dialog.

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